bima group


We provide services enabling end-to-end financial and health protection for the poor families. With that in mind, we work with different Micro Finance Institutions and NGOs; for expamle, currently we are running different projects with BRAC and DSK in different capacity and providing their members with the financial protection in shape of shielding the credit taken along with the health protection service in shape of "Over the Phone" Doctor Consultation.

Key Service Info

We provide two kinds of services for the members of our partners. 

1) Financial Services : Under this arrangement, on the occasion of death of the member or guardian, nominee gets back the already paid principle amount of the loan and our partner gets paid the outstanding principal amount of the loan.

2) Health Services: Just to sweeten the deal for the members during the loan tenure, family members of the loanee will receive "Over the Phone" doctor consultation, as many times as they require during the loan period. To receive doctor consultation, a member can call 09 614 16 16 16 everyday.

How it Works

“As soon as my husband died, I became so afraid thinking about the micro credit that I borrowed from Brac but eventually I was rescued by Milvik Protection Plan featuring the insurance which I took while taking the credit. Milvik Protection Plan helped settling down the outstanding loan amount paying it to Brac and reimbursed me the amount that I paid to Brac already. It saved my life from turning into absolute disarray. I would urge all the Brac members to subscribe this Insurance policy while taking credit and protect their future life.”Nurjahan Begum, Micro Credit Borrower.

How to Claim

We have already helped settle 67 claims worth around BDT 30,00000 within a very short period.