Terms & Conditions

Milvik Life Updated Terms and conditions:

  • At the time of registration, the age of the customer should be between 18-59 years (in the case of bi-annual, monthly and daily 18-58 years). However, upon registration, customers will be eligible for coverage until the age of 60.
  • The customer’s father, mother, spouse, siblings and children can be nominated for life insurance.
  • The customer’s insurance guarantee will be automatically canceled for the period described below,
    1. If the customer’s age exceeds 60 years
    2. If the nominee receives insurance money after the insurance claim
  • If the customer suffers from cancer, heart attack / cardiovascular disease, stroke (resulting in permanent symptoms in the body), organ damage/failure or any other terminal illness (life span less than 12 months) then he/she will not be considered eligible to purchase the policy.
  • Eligible policyholders must need to fill up a declaration of health form during policy registration.
  • Natural death cannot be claimed in the first 3 months from the date of registration.
  • Death due to a pre-existing disease within the first three months of package registration will not be covered.
  • Insurance claims in case of death due to war, foreign enemy attack, hostility or anti-war campaign (whether war is declared or not), civil war, insurrection, strike, riot, civil unrest, military uprising, rebellion, conspiracy, revolution, military coup Will not be acceptable.
  • Insurance cannot be claimed in case of death due to suicide or voluntary injury
  • Insurance claims will not be accepted in case of death due to nuclear, biological and chemical risks and losses
  • The nominee has to claim insurance within 90 days of the death of the customer. If the customer dies more than 180 days after any accident, it will not be considered an accidental death and can only be claimed for normal death insurance.
  • In case of insurance claim, death certificate needs to be provided by an MBBS doctor or hospital authority (in case of death in hospital) otherwise death certificate issued by City Corporation / Union Council Office has to be provided.


Milvik Health

  • Doctor will call back based on request to helpline number (except on govt. holidays)
  • Hospitalization due to war or similar events, self-inflicted injury, voluntary participation in fatal activities, or unlawful acts are not covered
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered after 3 months of policy registration; pregnancy/childbirth covered after 9 months of policy registration;
  • Elective, cosmetic or laser surgery/treatment are not covered
  • Claim must be made within 180 days of admission to the hospital
  • For Monthly and daily policies, payment will be deducted automatically every month/day based on the policy duration chosen
  • Coverage for monthly and daily policies will start from the beginning of the next calendar month, while for annual and bi-annual policies, coverage will start immediately
  • Monthly and daily payment options are available for bKash users only
  • No payment for any month will result in no coverage in the next month, no payment for any day will result in proportionate cover in the next month

For more terms & conditions, please download the product brochure. To get the list of discount partners, download the Partner Hospital List.